Appearance: Edit

Armless is a very pale person with really thin black hair and large empty eye sockets which look like blacked-out eyeballs with an open mouth. It barley has arms and the torso is darkened with blood,running all around the body which is trickling down in-between the legs with the torso having duck tape on the chest bottem legs and arm holes which no arms are there.

The full Armless model.

Mechanics: Edit

The entity itself only has one animation, running. The sound clip playing when Armless is running, is the Poison Headcrab Zombie's attack breathing. It's not an actual NPC which can be killed. It's activated by a trigger close to where it's released, when released, it'll follow a set path down the corridor all the way to the ladder at the end. If you're close to it, the screen will start to shake. Upon contact with Armless In Half-Life 2, the game will exit. In GMOD, Armless will simply run past the player, and proceed along the set path. if you follow it, you'll be treated to watch it run against the ladder, now isn't that exciting? On a multiplayer let's play of the foundonthetape maps, one person got stuck to Armless and was being smashed against the ladder.

Audio: Edit

The ambience heard in the lower level of foundonthetape_4.bsp.

The ambience heard in the lower level of foundonthetape_4.bsp when being chased.


The sound that plays when Armless is pursuing.

Media: Edit

Foundonthetape 4 attack

Foundonthetape 4 attack

Armless Foundonthetape: Bad end do so

Scary Gmod Maps- Found On The Tape 1-4 (Gloward)

Scary Gmod Maps- Found On The Tape 1-4 (Gloward)

Here's Armless in GMOD: (10:45)

JamesWays Plays- Gmod- Found On The Tape

JamesWays Plays- Gmod- Found On The Tape

Here's Armless in a multiplayer GMOD server, where one player was crushed in-between Armless and the ladder: (10:00)

Trivia: Edit

In foundonthetape's Bad End, The player walks around the maze as with an attached camera to the side of the maze, but it's actully the

player's eyes but there isn't a look of a 3rd person camera but see's a hole then the player drops down to a low level in the game. The player starts to run and jump over boxes. The player gets to 2 boxes in front, Then Armless comes along. Then the drum sounds on the lower level starts to get louder as the player runs back. The player stays until Armless strikes to break the wood from the wooden door that was blocked after you thought you we're ina room that armless could come in and we here a crash! When Armless Get's Closer, The sounds get louder, louder, and louder. When fully Close, It has exited you out of the game.


Maybe Armless is the crushed head?