The map files were the second portion on the ARG's content being linked to from both a Hex string in the Clip095.mp4 YouTube video and from a response sent from the provided email address.

foundonthetape_1.BSP[Download link -]Edit

_1 is a map file in which the player's view is tied to a designated spot while a "Shepard Tone" plays in the background. However upon disabling the view controller and exiting the room a second sound file is played and an image is displayed on screen.

Playing map with view controlledEdit


Playing map with view control disabled and exitingEdit

[1] (Embed deleted here due to technical difficulties, also this video showcases a screamer that is part of the map, please turn your volume down to avoid a massive heart attack.

foundonthetape_2.BSP[Download link -]Edit

_2 is a map in which the player is in a maze of ventilation, the level has two endings, one in which the player "dies" and it taken to a white room in which a strange drone plays. As in the other ending the player is presented with a creature coming at them and the game crashes.

"Attack" endingEdit


"Death" Ending[skip to 2:00]Edit


foundonthetape_3.BSP[Download Link -]Edit

Map 3 is very similar to map 2 in that you have to navigate through tunnels and such. This map was given to the first 10 emails to saying TAPEONTHE.


foundonthetape_4.BSP [Download Link -]Edit

The YouTube user foundonthetape posted the following message:


When run through a binary-to-text translator, the link to the fourth map was obtained.

An audio file called radionoise1.wav was also found. It contained mores code that translated to, "NOWAYOUT.NOESCAPE.FORSOLONG.SENDHELP.DONTFOLLOWTHENOISE.NOESCAPE."

The "Escape" ending of foundondonthetape_4.bsp:Edit


The "Attack" ending of foundonthetape_4.bsp:Edit


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